Providing professional, experienced, and reliable support for your whole family

Highly trained, qualified, and insured specialists, able to work effectively with every member of your support team


Totaling over 15 years of experience supporting, educating, and nurturing growing families in Eastern Iowa.

Unique team structure in place to ensure every family’s needs are met with enthusiasm and compassion.

Whether you are planning ahead for a family, just found out you’re pregnant, days away from your due date, or several weeks into new parenthood; Northeast Iowa Doulas has something for you.

Our team is able to fulfill every need from pregnancy to postpartum. Every client receives well-rounded, personalized care from a team of qualified experts.

From the moment you contact us, you’ll know you have chosen the best. Each interaction is warm, caring, and empathetic. The professionals you will encounter are completely unbiased and unwavering in their support. The needs of you and your family come first and making your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transition the most enjoyable experience possible is the goal of everyone at Northeast Iowa Doulas.



Compassionate guidance
for one of life's
biggest moments


Caring specialists to accompany you in your parenthood journey


Confidence and empowerment through knowledge & preparation

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