One of the most pressing questions with a new baby is how to handle sleep. Everyone has heard stories about how once you have a baby, you will never sleep again (among many other myths and wives' tales about infant sleep).

We offer Iowa’s leading parent education classes in multiple locations in the Cedar Valley and Corridor areas for this very reason. If you want a guide on navigating infant sleep during the first year of life, this class will give you an overview of the importance of sleep, what is normal and what to expect regarding infant sleep, and how you can set your baby up to learn the skill of sleeping.

Cedar Rapids area--Group classes take place at Awaken Family Chiropractic in Hiawatha.
Group classes in Waterloo--COMING SOON!

Sleep Matters

This 2-hour group class meets from 6-8 p.m. and will prepare parents and/or caregivers for sleep in the
first year of baby's life.

We will cover:

  • Importance of sleep

  • Bedtime routines

  • Appropriate bedtimes

  • Sleep cues

  • Sleep milestones

  • Sleep transitions

  • Ideal sleep environment

  • Expectations of naps

Sleep Matters:
Group Class: $50

swaddled infant sleeping safely on back in crib

Private consultations available. Click for info. 

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