Do you want a safe and reliable placenta encapsulation option in your area?
You got it!
Northeast Iowa Doulas is proud to be the home of the only Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialists in the entire state of Iowa.

For generations the placenta has been used to aid in the postpartum recovery of new mothers and now American women are finally beginning to catch on. 

Northeast Iowa Doulas postpartum placenta specialists are highly skilled and are trained in the traditional method of placenta encapsulation in which the placenta is steamed prior to dehydration. We believe this method is the safest way for a new mother to consume her placenta. Our specialists also hold certifications in Bloodborne Pathogens as well as Iowa Food Handler's Safety as per OSHA guidelines.

Potential benefits of placenta consumption includes:

  • Decrease in the incidence of postpartum depression

  • Balancing of postpartum hormones.

  • Increase in breastmilk supply.

  • Increase in overall energy during the postpartum transition.

  • Decrease in postpartum bleeding.

  • Increase in postpartum iron levels and other essential nutrients.

  • Overall quicker healing from birth.

The benefits of ingesting your placenta have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The aforementioned benefits are that of common experiences reported by new mothers.

Northeast Iowa Doulas encapsulates exclusively in the comfort and safety of the client's own home using our own high-quality equipment. By having such strict guidelines for high standards of care and professionalism you can rest assured knowing the placenta you are receiving is your own and that it was the only placenta processed in the work space.  We welcome our clients to be present for this process, observe, and ask questions if they so choose. If requested, we may be able to complete the encapsulation process before the mother comes home from the hospital. By us providing this valuable service in your home, you will benefit from professional postpartum support and your placenta will not be exposed to any unfamiliar pathogens that could interfere with your postpartum recovery.

All of our postpartum placenta specialists are also professional postpartum & infant care doulas and are experts in newborns and the postpartum transition. During the process your specialist is there to answer any questions you have have regarding newborn care, infant feeding and your postpartum recovery.


All of our placenta encapsulation packages include:

  • Transportation kit: This kit is based on the World Health Organization's guidelines and is used when your placenta is transported to your home from the hospital by you or family member you designate.

  • Prepared placenta capsules: Your placenta capsules are specially prepared with the highest standards of care, safety and professionalism in mind. General consumption guidelines are also included.

  • Cord keepsake: Each package is presented with a hand-crafted cord keepsake.

Additional services that can be added to any package include:

  • Placenta tincture: A tincture is a liquid extract that has been soaked in a high-proof alcohol. Preparing a placenta tincture involves adding a small amount of placenta powder to high-proof alcohol and leaving it to mature for 6 weeks before using. The placenta tincture is beneficial long after your capsules are gone and is used to help quickly stabilize mood during times of stress and anxiety and can even be saved for menopause. 
  • Placenta Print: A beautiful print of your placenta can be placed on acid-free watercolor paper and saved for years to come. The placenta is said to be the tree of life and that is exactly what can be seen in these prints.

We guarantee the products you will receive will be the best quality and prepared with the highest standards of care, safety and professionalism that Northeast Iowa Doulas has the reputation for. Contact us today to schedule your placenta services. You will be so happy you did!

Placenta Encapsulation Services: $299
Placenta Tinture Add-on: $50
Placenta Print Add-on: $35

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