You expected to be tired with a new baby, you just didn’t know how tired.


Between nighttime feeding and diaper changes, and babies who haven’t figured out night and day yet, you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

It is compounded especially if you are preparing to go back to work or have other responsibilities that don’t allow you to catch up on sleep during the day.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

At Northeast Iowa Doulas we understand the importance of sleep, and unlike traditional baby nurses or night nannies, our professional postpartum and infant care doulas are experts in caring for your whole family. Our ultimate goal is sleep - allowing babies and parents to get a restful night.

We help your family on your terms. That means we support whatever methods you choose for feeding and sleeping arrangements.

  • If you're breastfeeding, we can bring baby to you when he or she needs to eat, then take care of all the burping, diaper changing, swaddling, and soothing back to sleep.

  • If you're bottle feeding, we can sleep in a separate room with baby and take over all aspects of caring for your baby overnight so you can sleep.

  • If you're pumping, we can wash and prep pumping supplies and bring them to you as needed during the night.

We do more than just take care of baby though.

We can schedule your overnight shifts so we arrive a little earlier in the evening or stay a little later in the morning to:

  • Help siblings get ready for bed, or up and ready for school in the morning.

  • Clean up supper dishes, or prepare a light breakfast in the morning.

  • Fold a load of laundry, pick up a few toys, or take the dog for a quick walk.

We know each family has different needs.

That's why Northeast Iowa Doulas tailors our support to meet your every need. 

Overnight Postpartum & Infant Care shifts are a minimum of 10 hours. 

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