Kaity Klotzbach

“The best gift I have to offer new and expecting families is my ability to instill confidence within themselves, and provide them with my knowledge, experience, and unwavering support that is truly free from judgment, opinion, or bias. When I leave a family and they feel better equipped, more confident, and well supported in their parenting choices, I know I have done my job."

Owner | Birth | Education

Kaity’s desire to support, assist, and nurture others is deeply rooted within her, so becoming a doula came naturally to her when she learned about the benefits they provide during her own pregnancy. She was invited to attend the birth of one of her closest friends where she fell in love with her work as a doula. It was then that Kaity realized this is what she was meant to do, and her career as a doula was born. Her own wide variety of birth experiences has afforded her the opportunity to understand and better support all birth choices and experiences.

Kaity feels honored to be selected as the trusted and unwavering support system for parents as they go through the journey to parenthood. Assisting new and expecting families in finding the information they need, and supporting each decision they make as parents are Kaity's favorite parts of being a doula. She knows that mothers need a safe place to be honest and real, and she hopes to be that safe harbor.

Having completed her first doula training in 2010, Kaity is committed to expanding her knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to better serve the clients in her community through continuing education and self-study.

Kaity’s love and compassion for others is felt from the moment you meet her. Her kind and genuine presence puts her clients at ease. Kaity’s strong ability to meet each family where they are and give them the tools to be successful has helped many parents feel confident in their own birth and parenting journeys. Kaity truly goes above and beyond, and her attention to detail is impeccable.

Born and raised in Independence, Kaity feels devoted to the families she serves here in Eastern Iowa. She has dedicated her career to improving birth through educating and supporting families, and is also currently in nursing school and plans expand her scope of practice and pursue a career as in nurse midwifery in the future.

When Kaity isn’t tending to her clients, teaching, or studying, she spends her free time with her husband, and five children. She enjoys fun family trips to Phelps Youth Pavilion and exploring the trails at Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Fall is her favorite season as she looks forward to hoodie weather, Thanksgiving meals, and the beauty of leaves changing colors.

Jessica Lake

“I want to connect with people to make them feel like they matter. Genuinely caring about them allows me to do that.”

Birth | Postpartum

Having experienced four pregnancies and labors allows Jessica Lake to understand what new families are going through and connect with them. However, it was the miscarriage of her son at 17 weeks that sparked her desire to provide postpartum support for families. She completed her Postpartum Doula training so that she could provide the critical support new families need - especially those families who have experienced a loss.

Jessica’s ease in making meaningful connections allows her to build relationships with her clients and better support their needs. She loves learning about each family’s dynamics so she is able to help them feel empowered when it comes to welcoming a new member into their family.

A lifelong resident of Northeast Iowa, Jessica and her family currently reside in Independence. While she loves taking her girls to the pool or for a summer picnic, fall is their favorite season and they look forward to family trips to Heartland Farms pumpkin patch and Allen’s Orchard.

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