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Your baby is just a week old and sleep deprivation has taken over. Your partner is getting ready to return to work and your family and friends are getting ready to go back to their regular lives. You have received wonderfully prepared meals, gifts and well-meaning advice. Now for the first time since baby was born it’s just you and the baby. This can be a very exciting time but can also be a tough transition and sometimes new mothers are left feeling lonely and isolated. Nobody is around to hold baby while you go to the bathroom... A million questions run through your head.

“How are we going to do this?”
“How am
I going to do this?”
“Is baby getting enough to eat?”

“Are we ever going to sleep again?”
“Will I ever eat a hot meal again?”
“What is the best way to soothe my baby?”
“Why does my baby have her days and nights mixed up?”

And the list goes on…

Just about the time self-doubt starts to sink in, your postpartum doula walks through the door for her scheduled shift and greets you with a smile. She is ready to help out where needed and make this an amazing day. She asks how everyone is doing and if she can get anything for you. You express to her that you’d love to take a hot shower and maybe take a nice long nap, since those are few and far between these days. You gently place your baby in your doula's arms and she lets you know everything will be taken care of. “Take your time” she says as you disappear into the bathroom for some much needed time to yourself.

When you wake up from your nap you walk out of your bedroom feeling like a human again and return to find baby asleep next to your doula. The dishes are done, baby’s laundry is folded, and what is that wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen? Yes, your postpartum doula already has dinner cooking in the oven.

The above scenario is what you can expect when you hire a postpartum doula from Northeast Iowa Doulas. While many well-meaning family and friends offer to help take care of baby, your postpartum doula will take care of your whole family. Our primary focus is mom’s physical and emotional recovery from birth, followed by any newborn care that is needed or desired, followed by any household tasks that we can help out with. Whether that means taking some time for yourself, catching up on some much needed sleep, preparing meals and snacks, running errands, helping keep the house tidy, or even just having one person who validates all your parenting decisions that you can feel safe talking to; your postpartum doula can do it all.

In addition to helping around the house your postpartum doula from Northeast Iowa Doulas is also trained to help you adjust during this time. This means knowing what can be expected physically and emotionally during your postpartum transition, teaching you how to recognize baby’s feeding and sleeping cues, and recognizing when some additional attention is needed. Each of our postpartum doulas are trained in recognizing the signs of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders such as the postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum psychosis. Should our doulas feel that additional help is needed we have a fantastic list of local resources to refer our clients to when something falls outside the scope of postpartum doula care.

By hiring a doula from Northeast Iowa Doulas you can be sure that you will receive only the best professional doula support that Iowa has to offer. For more information about our postpartum services click  here or contact us today for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Authored by: Victoria Cartland
Edited by: Kaity Klotzbach




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