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5 Reasons to Love Nurses

In honor of National Nurses Week we want to take a moment to thank the amazing nurses we have the honor of working alongside at the following hospitals:

  • Covenant Medical Center-Waterloo
  • Unity Point Health-Allen Hospital-Waterloo
  • Waverly Health Center-Waverly
  • St. Luke’s Hospital-Cedar Rapids
  • Mercy Medical Center-Cedar Rapids
  • University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics-Iowa City
  • Mercy Hospital-Iowa City
  • Unity Point Health-Finley Hospital-Dubuque
  • Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque
  • and MORE

Your compassion, hard-work and dedication to your profession does not go unnoticed.

Here are just 5 of the many reasons why we love nurses:

Nurses have seen it all. From the intimate moments to the gross ones to emergencies to heartbreak; your nurses have seen everything and not much can take them by surprise. However, if something would happen to come as a shock to them, you would never know it. Their experience and expertise allow them to keep a level head as they attend to your needs.

They spend countless hours away from their families. The typical shift for a nurse working in the hospital is 12 hours. This only gives them a couple hours to take care of things in their home lives, especially if they’re aiming for 8 hours of sleep. With these hours nurses often miss birthdays and holidays on a regular basis.

Nurses spend years going to school to become a nurse. Then they take hundreds of hours out of their days and nights studying for the NCLEX so they can become board certified. From there, a lot of nurses go on to pursue a specialty in their field which requires even more education and training.

Nurses are often the first people you see when you get to the hospital and the last people you see before going home. They chose this profession because they have a passion for helping and caring for people everyday. As a patient, nurses will make you feel safe and comforted when things get tough. They’re also there to celebrate each small victory with you and will cheer you on every step of the way.

Nurses are not afraid to get dirty. Ask any nurse and they will tell you they’ve been covered in all types of bodily fluids. While most people would shy away from these types of situations, your nurse will dive right in and do what is needed when it’s needed.

Thanks again to all the fantastic nurses in Eastern Iowa. Thank you for your compassion, your kindness, and your commitment to excellence in providing quality care for the wonderful people we call our clients.

Authored by: Victoria Cartland & Kaity Klotzbach

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