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This One Simple Addition Can Change the Health of Your Family | PART ONE {Guest Blog}


He was becoming a dad for the first time and had no idea how much his life would change from that moment going forward. He and his wife had done everything that they could to prepare her body for this amazing, monumental life altering event. They had attended birthing classes, she actively engaged in prenatal yoga sessions and had even gotten massage throughout her pregnancy.

But a chiropractor? How can his pregnant wife benefit from chiropractic care? This was the conversation that occurred from a husband who started getting adjusted by me as he recovered from running his first marathon.

There are many different types of chiropractors. Some elect to focus on ailments such as headaches, low back or musculoskeletal issues. While myself and others choose to focus on the care of pregnant women, infants, children and the promotion of health and well-being. For the purpose of this article I will explain the incredible benefits pregnant women may receive while under chiropractic care.

The integrity of a woman’s nervous system and structural stability can greatly enhance the labor and birthing experience. As a Chiropractor, my central focus is ensuring that the nerve system is functioning as optimally as possible to allow the body to communicate with the brain properly. The delicate nerve system is what has been described as the master system of the body that controls and regulates every function of the body. This control also includes hormone release and regulation, which are inherently critical in the health of a pregnant woman.

If a misalignment is present anywhere along the spine, it can trigger a stress response which places the baby and mother in a tense, rigid state versus a calm and relaxed environment that is beneficial for natural process to occur.

Due to a certain hormone known as Relaxin, ligament structural stability of a woman’s pelvis becomes able to stretch allowing the baby to descend and grow. As the baby begins to descend into the birth canal, the ability of the pelvis to be balanced assists in a smooth transition. If the pelvis is unbalanced, there may be complications for the baby and mother such as a breech or transverse presentation as well as a possibility of stalling labor completely.

Research has shown that utilizing chiropractic care throughout pregnancy corrects movement and alignment of the spine and pelvis. This allows the baby to apply even pressure onto the cervix enabling it to dilate effectively thus reducing labor time. One comparative study showed a 24% decrease in labor time for first-time moms and a 39% decrease in experienced moms compared to those not under chiropractic care. (1)

Not only do moms and their partners experience benefits from care, but newborns as well. More on that in Part Two

Authored by: Dr. Dustin Behn - Inspired Living Chiropractic in Jesup, Iowa.

Fallon, J. The Effects of Chiropractic Treatment on Pregnancy and Labor: A Comprehensive Study. Proceedings of the World Federation of Chiropractic. 1991; 24-31

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RESULTS: "Share the Love" Diaper Drive

For the one in three families in the Cedar Valley struggling with diaper need, life is about to get a little easier. This is all thanks to the generosity of area businesses and individuals who made the “Share the Love” Diaper Drive hosted by our team at Northeast Iowa Doulas a monumental success.

The diaper drive, which was scheduled to run from February 6th through the 24th, was extended a week due to requests from several of the businesses who volunteered as drop-off sites for the diaper and wipe donations.

We are so excited to announce that due to the community efforts, this drive has collected over 10,000 DIAPERS and over 52 packages of wipes!!!! 

Since this was our first year facilitating this drive, and a grassroots effort, we weren’t sure what kind of response we would have. We set a goal of two-thousand diapers, and were absolutely astonished, and so happy to surpass that goal five times over.

Diaper need is a real, often unaddressed issue in the Cedar Valley, with the effects reaching much farther than the obvious health risks to the children and the financial strain on families. On Wednesday, March 8th, the NEID team made stops at several area women's shelters and other organizations that provide assistance to families in need, including:

House of Hope - Waterloo
Cedar Valley Friends of the Family - Waverly
Allen Women's Health - Waterloo

Each location took exactly what they needed and had storage room for. They expressed their gratitude multiple times and look forward to hearing from us again next year. They all assured us that each one of these diapers and wipes will be put to use. It was amazing to see the looks on their faces as we brought in box after box, bag after bag, box after bag, after box....
This is the exact reason why we decided to facilitate the "Share the Love" Diaper Drive.

THANK YOU, Cedar Valley community and other neighboring communities, for helping make this diaper drive a huge success. This wouldn’t have been as successful without the support of local businesses who joined us in this effort by being a donation drop-off site, and by helping us spread the word about the drive. Most importantly, we wouldn't have been able to deliver 10,000+ diapers without each one of YOU who took the time to bring in your donation!

Area businesses who volunteered to be donation drop-off locations included:

Partners in OBGYN at Covenant Medical Center - Waterloo
Vanderloo Chiropractic - Waterloo
Key West Fitness on University - Cedar Falls
Family Health Chiropractic - Waterloo
Rejuvenate Salon & Spa - Waterloo
Inspired Living Chiropractic - Jesup

NEID Owner, Kaity Klotzbach with Dusky Steele, Development Coordinator at House of Hope in Waterloo

NEID Owner, Kaity Klotzbach with Dusky Steele, Development Coordinator at House of Hope in Waterloo

Affiliate NEID Doulas, Jessica Lake and Justine Liddle with NEID Owner, Kaity Klotzbach at Cedar Valley Friends of the Family in Waverly.

Affiliate NEID Doulas, Jessica Lake and Justine Liddle with NEID Owner, Kaity Klotzbach at Cedar Valley Friends of the Family in Waverly.

Seeing the amazing response, we plan to make the "Share the Love" Diaper Drive an annual event. Next year we plan to set an even higher goal!

Once again, thank you to all the area businesses who volunteered to be donation drop-off sites and to every single one of you who donated to this very important cause. We are so grateful for your support and generosity.

Are you a Cedar Valley area business and interested in being part of "Share the Love" Diaper Drive in 2018? Email Kaity Klotzbach at

'Share the Love' Diaper Drive




Imagine having to cut back on basic necessities like food in order to provide diapers for your baby. For one in three families in the Cedar Valley, diaper need is a regular struggle.

But Northeast Iowa Doulas (NEID) is looking to ease that burden on area families with a diaper drive. 

“The average baby uses 6-10 diapers per day in their first year of life, which adds up fast and can be a huge financial burden on many families,” said Kaity Klotzbach, owner and doula at NEID. “Our goal is to help as many local families as we can so they don’t have to deal with the stress of choosing food or diapers.”  

The “Share the Love Diaper Drive” will take place on February 6 through 24. Donations of unopened disposable diapers and/or wipes in any size and brand can be taken to one of the event’s partner business drop off locations. All donations will be collected by Northeast Iowa Doulas and delivered to area women’s shelters for distribution to families in need. 

“A lack of resources for diapers not only causes emotional stress, but studies show that the health and development of children left in wet and soiled diapers is negatively affected and the impact extends far beyond that,” stated Klotzbach citing a study from the Journal of Pediatrics. “Without enough clean diapers babies cannot attend child care or early childhood education programs, and if they can’t attend those programs at least one of their parents cannot go to work - compounding financial need,“ she added. “Even providing a month’s worth of diapers to a family can have a profound impact on them.”

Donation drop off locations include:

  •     Partners in OBGYN - Waterloo
  •     Family Health Chiropractic - Waterloo
  •     Key West Fitness on University - Cedar Falls
  •     Vanderloo Chiropractic - Waterloo
  •     Rejuvenate Salon & Spa - Waterloo
  •      Inspired Living Chiropractic - Jesup


Northeast Iowa Doulas is a full-service agency offering professional birth and postpartum support services, and childbirth classes to families across Eastern Iowa. For more information, contact Kaity Klotzbach at 319-361-6984 or send an email to

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