Imagine feeling unconditionally supported through every step of your birth experience and each choice you make along the way. What does that look like for you?

Putting together the perfect birth team is the most important part of preparing for your baby’s arrival. Knowing that everyone on your team has your best interest at heart can make the difference in creating a truly exceptional experience.

Investing in professional birth support means you will get undivided, personalized attention throughout every stage of your birth experience. Your doula’s sole focus is to support you physically, emotionally, psychologically, and educationally during this special time, no matter what your birth preferences are.

She is a reassuring presence when needed most and a knowledgeable attendant when ideas for comfort and progress are warranted. Her goal is to strengthen the bond that already exists between you and your partner to promote confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby. Your partner will feel confident you are in great hands with your doula, should they need a quick break, cat nap, or a bite to eat.


“Our job as doulas is not to replace the partner in his or her role, but to provide support that fits naturally into their relationship so the birth of their baby can be a positive experience for the whole family.”
– Kaity Klotzbach, Owner & Doula


Your doula will be a source of credible information throughout your pregnancy as well as a trusted confidant when any personal questions arise. She will join you in labor when she is requested, and will support you continuously. She will remain at your side as you meet your baby for the first time and can offer assistance with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

You can benefit from professional doula support if

  • You had a difficult first labor, and are apprehensive about the next

  • Your partner is squeamish about the aspects of birth

  • Your partner is enthusiastic and wants to be highly involved in the birth experience

  • You had a previous cesarean and are planning a repeat cesarean

  • Your partner wants to support you in the best way possible and enhance this intimate experience

  • You had a previous cesarean and are planning a VBAC

  • You are planning a homebirth

  • You are planning a hospital birth

  • You are under the care of an OBGYN

  • You are under the care of a midwife

  • You are planning a birth without the use of medications

  • You are planning to have an epidural or other pain medication

No matter where you fall on this list you can be sure that Northeast Iowa Doulas will provide you with the compassionate, reliable, and non-judgmental support you desire and deserve.


Women who use birth doulas are more satisfied with their birth experience and require fewer interventions during labor and delivery than women without doula support.

Worldwide clinical studies have shown that professional doula support during labor commonly results in:

  •     Parents feeling more supported

  •     Increase in spontaneous vaginal births

  •     Shorter labors

  •     Decrease in cesarean births

  •     Fewer interventions

  •     Decrease in use of pain medications

  •     Better bonding

  •     Increase satisfaction in birth experience

Basic Birth Support Package includes:

-On-call availability from 38 weeks

-Unlimited access to your doula by phone, text, or email

-One 60 minute birth planning visit

-Continuous labor/birth support

-Immediate postpartum support/feeding assistance

-Optional 60 minute via postpartum follow-up visit

Northeast Iowa Doulas has worked to create strong collaborations with area providers to make your birth team phenomenal. We carefully adhere to a scope of practice to ensure proper support is maintained. We follow a code of ethics and know our role on the support team. We never replace any members of the birth team but seek to enhance it with our presence. As such, we’ve earned the respect of area physicians, midwives and nurses who are eager to work with our professional team to make your experience supported, respected, and exceptional. 

Each family receives a well-rounded experience as your physical and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance to us. You will feel secure in the fact that a knowledgeable, reputable expert in pregnancy, birth and parenting is there to unconditionally accompany you throughout every part of this experience.

We look forward to accompanying you on this journey, every step of the way. 

Full Basic Birth Support Package: $899

***Ask us about our ‘Birth Only” Support Package-NOW AVAILABLE!

“The woman knows her body, her partner knows her, and her doula knows birth.”
– Kaity Klotzbach, Owner & Doula

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